1. Rare are those who believe in the real mission of Art, and who work with passion and endure with faith to fulfill such mission. Mahmoud Maghraby is one of those rare exceptional artists on whom we stake much to go on working, refining and improving his art day by day, with a lot of patience and persistence on the path of art that he chose for himself as an aim.

  2. Through his numerous experiments on fine arts, with his positive invention and his enthusiasm for the substance of his field of specialty – Calligraphy and Printing – on which he spent five whole years at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo, Maghraby continues to participate with his works in group exhibitions and galleries in Cairo and Kuwait. At times he even hold galleries exclusively for his own work.

  3. In those works of his that combine between the characteristics of agility and subtle sensation, traits do fade, but lines, colors, depictions and symbols do flourish. They all join together to serve the artistic idea he wants to represent, and that is what distinguishes him from all the others.

  4. Consistent with the perspective of Maghraby, we usually find him inclined to identify his galleries and exhibitions with one title Egyptian Ramparts Split Headache titles around which turn and revolve the group of exhibited images in their reach to communicate with the spectators, with an invitation to stop and plunge into them trying to explore what they are projecting.

  5. The path of art is long, and stuffed with difficulties, requiring constant and patient pursuit of its various schools and experiments. But the focal requirement is the sheer love of art. With Mahmoud Maghraby at the beginning of such path, his works do reflect a true love of art, and a firm determination to go all the path of art till he attains that unique way of creation of his own experience. Such experience promises, as I see it, to be born before long to fruition, regardless of any difficulties that may lie ahead in his way, promising that a true Arab artist with a unique experience is about to be born.

  6. Dr. Sulaiman AL Askari

  7. Al-Arabi Magazine

  8. Editor in Chief

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