Kassim Dashti
Al Syasa Newspaper

The Egyptian Artist Mahmoud El-Maghraby inspires with Zink people of his town and narrow streets.

He held in Boushahri Art Gallery architecture, portraits and stamps with symbolic meanings.
Letters and flowers collage return El-Maghraby back to his roots and public environment.

In spite of his work for a short time in etching, the egyptian Artist Mahmoud El-Maghraby makes through this beautiful technique a special artistic line and method in which he achieve the equation of easy difficult. He presents in his last exhibition his experience as an artist and his ability in dealing with Zincography. He is able through this technique to materialize some inherited visions and impressions that are interlaced with Arabic letters shapes to produce its engraves and meaning by certain colours concentrated on red and black or violet and rose. He combines shapes and types of eastern architecture with volumes, sites and various functions. The public feelings are reflected through using symbols in his plates in a child tike plastic view and its interactions which are changed into celebrations of birthday and wedding that are materialized by the artist and his intelligent and beautiful ability in intellectual harmony despite the difficult dealing with this technique.

We may find freedom and taking off in his intellectual and colour experiment across mixed technique plates In which the etching with engraved stamps is united with collage, motifs of playing cards, letters and textures reflecting sensual impressions or golden leaves interlaced with eastern architecture forms such as windows, inferences, doors, children or people with natural features, shape and position.

Squared colored masses of meaning for the art work so as to change these masses into various plastic atmosphere uniting letters with collage which depends on pieces of paper and cloth with color, pastes and abstract portraits in several levels and inspire generally the public scene.

El-Maghraby's art works are full of life, movement and various rhythms in color, plastic and technique to attract the artist towards his environment and Egyptian public belongings, which are not found in another environment or country.

1st of June 2005

© Copyright Mahmoud Maghraby, 2010